Joyful Delight

Joyful Delight



I make all of the quilts that are for sale on my site. They are either hand tied or machine tacked with a plush polyester batting. They measure from 36 in to 50.

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  • "I asked Ms. Benjamin to make a couple of handkerchives for me and she brought them back to me the next day completed with the lace and embroidery. They looked very professional..."
    Satisfied Customer
  • "I love the quilt that Ms. Benjamin made for me. I simply told here the colors that I wanted and she created a simple yet optical pleasing lap quilt. Thanks Ms. Benjamin. Ha..."
    Satisfied Customer
  • "Ms. Benjamin made my son a vest for the school choir, it was perfect and I will be donating it to the school and recommending her to other parents at the school for next year."
    Pleased Mom