Joyful Delight

Joyful Delight

Owl Puff Quilt


This pink/brown/cream quilt measure 46x46. It is perfect for a baby girl to have some floor time, or when she is older she can lay on the floor and read her favorite book or watch her favorite show. Each puff is hand stuffed so it extra lofty and soft. Wash in cold/warm water with a mild detergent, and lay flat to dry or used the low heat setting on the dryer.

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  • "I saw a picture of a doll that Ms. Benjamin made and I just loved it. She took her time and made the clothes fit the doll. I am definitely ordering one to add to my collection."
  • "I just love the navy blue two piece suit and purse. I will definitely be giving her more of my business and telling my friends about her."
  • "I really love the pink skirt and top that Ms. Benjamin made for me. I recieved them on time for my event. I will be telling my freinds about Ms. Benjamin and calling on her ag..."